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sleep...damn, that's out of the question.

i'm tired, not sleepy. makes sense to me. that's all the counts...ask matt rausch. dirty hands.
i can't wait for tomorrow to be half over...the first half. i just want to go see my sister. geez.
everyone should listen to the postal service's album. it rocks my cock. yes it does.
i hope t bizzle doesn't hate karla...i know he doesn't. he can't. i won't allow it.
dreske...i miss talking to you online. :(
fow breaks my comouter it's hard.
gummo was disturbing...ehhhhhhh. the dirty bath water. ick.
i want to watch battle royale.

also, this is my new fake boyfriend...

he even matches my lj.
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WOW! *Jessica Simpson stylee*
He DOES match your LJ. HOTT!!

FoW breaks Josh's computer too. So I will just be the one who lets Dreske know how much we love her...well....on there anyway. We always do have this sexy motha...Mmmmmm Live Journal.

Have a rockin' time in Chicago. I really hope you find a dress.

T Bizzle doesn't hate me AT ALL! I am a paranoid.....girl.
Last night was great. Main Stage is an old bowling alley...turned venue/bar and it was rad! Some guy kept yelling out "Karla's got it goin' on!" and that of course...amused Josh and me more than anyone else....especially when he..or someone else..I dunno...
you really can't see faces while your on a stage...Hmmm...
Anyway... it was really great when someone said that to me again...but like RIGHT to me and I was just like..."So does Sadie's dad." Josh, ButtlePants, and I laughed at that one....

Tired, but not sleepy...I hear ya!
Matt's gross......I did NOT need to know that!!! Yuck!!!!!!!!!

Let's see...what else was I gonna say?
Oh yeah...about Todd...he never even read my messages...he had no idea I had a phone...he touched my leg...hugged me....
We're hanging out sometime this week. *shrug*

Definitely on I'll let ya know all about that and the yummy details of last night....when you get back.

Mcuh love! Rock out with your chalk (CHALK!?!?! WHAT!?!?!) out!
Pippa, I miss talking to you too. Eric is updating the FOW site to a new format so hopefully the new format will like your computer. You rock and I <3 you! Have a fantabulous time in Chicago.