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wow...this almost feels wrong.

i haven't used the internet in sooo long. and it's weird. it's almost like why bother. but eh...i had to finally check my email, why not post in here. good old times. let's see...i have months of stuff that i could write in here. it could occupy my time for at least the next 8, seriously it could. i mean i got into a car accident(kinda), went to jail, i was poor car, then my car broke, i was promoted and then promoted again, i make a ton of money now but still hate my job, my sister moved home until august, my cell phone never works right, i need a car badly, i really wanted to go see the blood brothers in concert, i want to ditch work for the bright eyes concert, heck i want to ditch work because i hate it and i could do better things with my play badminton with my homies...

you can see where this is going...and imagine if i wrote about all of that junk in detail. that would make for one long post...and i have so much more i could add. but i won't bother right now.
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