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well, well, well...

so livejournal we meet again...

yeah...i'm bored and on the internet so...why not update a little.

let's see...

*sometimes my boyfriend is a complete fucker...and sometimes he's fantastic. he's definitely a big nerd and that's okay because i like nerds.
*i live with an 18 yr old who is obsessed with video games. it's funny. i <3 his cat.
*i started a new job i'll hate.
*i miss katie. tell me who lives in palatine?...come on now...seriously. get back here.
*there's a mouse in my house...and it was in my room. ewww.
*i <3 the oc on dvd. who cares if i've seen all the episodes...twice.
*i want to go to the aquarium. why can't i spell that? hmm...oh well.
*my landlord is pissed...and that sucks. it's not really all my fault. and he needs to learn that after you knock on someone's door you wait for them to answer, you don't just walk in and yell "anybody home?"
*i'm really poor right now...and i don't mind.
*i hate the internet. yep.
*i can't believe it's november already. yikes.

eh...the internet.

(i know that it is freezing but i think we have to walk.)
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