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blind bureaucracy strikes again...or something like that...

ivan smagghe is a god.

i really, really, really want to come visit you katie. it'll have to wait until i'm not poor...well...until i get paid again.

my mom is watching a weird movie on tv. yikes.

i DO NOT have a crush on anyone...especially anyone i work SHUT UP SHOWBOAT! was fun/funny for a while and now i am done.

by the way, feel free to blame anything and everything on me. i mean if you are crabby it is most definitely(which i have been spelling wrong for a long time...why didn't anyone tell me) my fault. i probably did something hours ago that led to your crabbiness...big baby. geez!

hmm...starbucks is hiring. i wonder...

i wish i had the ability to brainwash people...that would come in handy sometimes. i wouldn't use it for evil, just to brainwash customers into thinking they love showboat. that would be great. it would sure help the showboat crew.

speaking of the showboat crew...i love most of them...but geez...don't be lazy all the time. lazy once in a while is fine. harvey danger...clean something, anything. you make my legs hurt...yes, i am blaming you. well, i was usher/concession today and i don't appreciate cleaning all the theatres alone. and sarica needs knock it off too. KNOCK IT OFF SHOWBOAT!

man am i crabby today.
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