Jenn (sheissostrange) wrote,

i'm bored...

going to work early
my arms hurt
it's cold out
my nose is runny
tv is stupid
alien vs predator=bad
friday night+rain=busy
princess diaries 2
"well i don't know what to tell you" managers
lazy co-workers
co-workers i <3 too much
<3 ha that's a heart
i'm thirsty
and tired
i wnat to see my sister
and i want to see my sister
i need to shower
cats making me itch
or i just itch
clean clothes
mom yelling at cassie
huh? winner?
ivan smagghe...mmmmm
pretty flowers outside
loud neighbors
keep typing
someone's at the door
icky nicki
no guests...go away
cat shut up
throw momma from the train...hahahahahahahaha
todd's old...hahah
buttlefuck knows...and he knows everything. ;)
dirty hair is hott
icky nicki got braces?!?!....hmmmm
mmmm...library books
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